•    To advance education, empower women in multidisciplinary fields in order, to produce unique identifiable graduates who are leaders and thinker of future that benefits academic/financial autonomy,

•    To became an active engaged global citizen, an environment exclusively devoted to the education of women ,imbued with high ethical values, old class academic research , who seeks challenging programs,

•    To provide feasible environment for Afghan women and girls that is accepted by Afghan nation in accordance to social cultural believes and values

•    To provide top quality educational opportunities and standard academic center for women and girls, especially for mothers and those women that are not allowed for co-educations.

•    To provide independent developed, peace of mind fully equipped infrastructure, vibrant and globally connect compass with diverse cultural enrichment and opportunities (facilities and student).

•    To enrich Afghan women’s lives through research, teaching, learning and sharing of knowledge to push boundaries and deliver success.

•    To be one of the world’s top seats of teaching and learning, providing a standout personalised student experience of the highest quality in an international context.

•    To be one of the world’s top research-intensive universities, working with partners and stakeholders to undertake rigorous, relevant, impactful and excellent research.

•    To ensure that social, cultural and economic impact is at the heart of everything we do.

•    To build an integrated, collaborative and sustainable physical and digital infrastructure to underpin the Complex’s ambition.

•    To be a progressive university where staff and students thrive within a culture          of equality and diversity to enable them to achieve their aspirations.

•    To provide a women led/managed organization that empower Afghan women/girls to lead and manage their own future.