Institute of Higher Education

Admission Overview

Moraa Educational Complex offers a practical, secure environment in which girls and young women can be educated according to Islamic and Afghan values, to a high educational standard and based on modern teaching methods. Moraa University welcome students into the Bachelors programs based on the specific requirements established by the Ministry of Higher Education.The programs offered by Moraa University are well planned and designed based on in deep analysis and research with emphasis on knowledge assimilation, practical applications, global and industrial relevance.

list of Programs

  1. Medicine faculty
  2. Business administration
  3. Computer science
  4. Education (Psychology, Sociology, History and Humanities)

Admission requirement:

  1. 6 passport size photographs
  2. 4 Copies of National Identity Card
  3. 4 copies of 12th Grade certificate

Admissions Contact:

University Admissions
Phone: 0748303030 | 0771110222