President’s Message

Moraa Educational Complex (MEC) strives to provide young Afghan girls and women with world-class College and higher education. The goal is to prepare Afghan Girls students for private and public sector careers in  Afghanistan and to continue their studies – if they choose – at Institute and University. The Institute’s goal is to achieve international “best practices” education in the context of the Afghanistan’s society, and culture.

The Institute provides schooling from Kindergarten to High school, degrees and diplomas in many areas – Accounting, Information and Communications Technologies, Leadership, Management, Medicine and General Education. The Institute is dedicated to bringing the best-qualified curriculum and faculty possible national and International, and to providing state-of-the-art facilities that computer laboratories and a well-equipped library. The Institute further encourages students to assume leadership positions through the student government.

Students at the Moraa Educational Complex learn respect for their traditional society, religion, and culture. They learn to value individual equality, honor, and group consensus – and to integrate these values with the need to modernize Afghanistan to be the best among nations within the global community.

Afghanistan’s future depends on a young, well-educated generation. It depends on building a vibrant economy that provides the riches that Afghans deserve. And it depends on strength to protect national interests and Afghan citizens. The future of Afghanistan begins here at the Moraa Educational Complex

Dr Azizullah Amir

Moraa Educational Complex President