President's Message

Welcome to Moraa Educational Complex (MEC)

MEC is a comprehensive women focused educational complex with particular distinction in the Higher Educations ‘University’, Health science institute, High school & Kindergarten with a wide array of exceptional professional programs & facilities, led and managed by Afghan women.

While we are happy with the accomplishments of the complex so far, As the President of the Complex, It is a privilege to lead such an outstanding institution of higher learning & it’s my pleasure to share with you that we envision to be a first choice women leading educational complex that respond to Afghanistan growth and development needs (an Afghan solution to women’s problems and needs).

On behalf of the Moraa Educational Complex, university, institute, kindergarten, faculties, administration, and staff, we welcome you to visit our website, get familiar with our exceptional services, visit our state of the art complex and interact with our students and faculty members to know more about the MEC and our activities

Our complex is dedicated to providing all female students with an engaging learning environment and a supportive campus culture — we are a family that nurtures diversity, inclusion and respect.

MEC seeks for academic excellence in all of its academic programs, we are a thriving community of women only students, faculty and staff, and we are delighted that you have joined our complex family.

Our students, faculty, alumni, administrators, and staff stand out for their commitment to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy, and creative innovation.

MEC is reimagining what it is to be an educational complex for women in needs in the 21st century: pioneering research, outstanding teaching, and a presence across the globe that fosters the international, interconnected perspective so necessary in our modern world.

Our major strength lies in a strong team of highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff to deliver first class education from KG to higher degree with all the supports a mother needs.

In the fast changing global economic environment, MEC has plans to strive to bring global perspective to all its programs and activities. Latest technologies are employed for effective delivery and the curriculum emphasizes practice orientation in its entire curriculum.

MEC has taken significant steps in pursuit of academic excellence. Some of the specific steps taken include recruitment of highly qualified faculty members with global perspective, designing the course curriculum, and starting the Business Administration, Education & Medicine Faculties to serve the local community in Afghanistan & the region around.

The female student is the most important person on our campus. We create opportunities and inspire female students to achieve their goals. We recognize that in addition to our students’ academic pursuits, they lead full, rich lives and need our support. Yet, our programs—from business management to health administration to English Language preparations—prepare students for jobs in the regional economy, MEC offers more than just a great learning experience. It broadens horizons and challenges assumptions.

So many of our students find that the public mission of MEC seeps in, and changes them, in ways that help them make their way in the world, and in turn make that world a better place.

You are here to begin a journey of personal growth, expanding your knowledge and skills through new ideas, experiences and relationships. Together, our complex community is here to help each step along the way. We are committed to supporting your success through world-class teaching, learning and research.

We welcome you to participate in the endless opportunities at MEC, joining talented scholars, scientists, artists, writers and others who have been drawn from all over the country to teach, perform, create, and study in a place where everyone belongs; I encourage you to visit our campus and learn more about the opportunities available to you at Moraa Educational Complex.

We are very happy to become acquainted with you and to help you succeed in your educational journey, your journey at MEC begins now, and we can’t wait to get started.

Dr. Azizullah Amir – MD MSc EdD

Founder of Moraa Educational Complex
Associate Professor Founder and Director
Afghan Hospital Associate Professor
Kabul Medical University
President of the Afghanistan Private Hospitals Association