The Second General Assembly Foundation against Cancer:

The Afghanistan Foundation against Cancer (AFC) was established through an insight of Mrs. Shenkai Karokhail with the strong support from the first lady of Afghanistan and commitment of other Afghan women in 1395. The second general assembly of Afghanistan Foundation against Cancer was conducted in Marble Palace (Qasre Marmarin) on April 1, 2018 in the presence of Her Excellency Rola Ghani, the first lady of the country and Mr. Firoz-ul-din Firoz, Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan. During the constitution revision of the foundation, the maximum number of members has been approved and among 17 candidates, nine of them have been selected as Board of Trustees through the proper selection method. One of the nine selected members of this assembly is Mrs. Hellay Gharshin, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs at Institute of Health Science of Moraa Educational Complex by obtaining 42 votes, the third highest vote thus; she has been selected as a member for the Board of Directors or Trustees for the AFC.


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